Get The Most Out of Your Shopping Spree

2 Mar

The next time you fall in love with a pair of edgy fuchsia shoes or a handbag in a color you’ve never experimented with before… Pause and think… “Do I have anything that I could pair this with ?” If you can only think of things you WISH you had, leave it right there. I agree, some things are just too beautiful for us to skip on, but if we buy them, they only end up rotting in the attic until the “right occasion” comes up and thats a real waste of money.

If you have read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, you must be familiar with the concept of making your money work hard for you instead of the other way round. Would you want to spend a huge amount of your hard earned money, or even your parents money, on an impulse buy – a snazzy pair of neon heels you know you could wear with only ONE top on ONE particular rare occasion ? Or would you spend the same money on a sexy pair of nude, black or white heels that can up the fashion quotient on a wide variety of outfits you already own ? Thats maximizing the potential of your money, you can even call it optimum utilization of resources. Its all about quality.

Now, there are girls who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, and then there are those who have the right mix of the right stuff which could even fit in a drawer, and thats the secret of getting the best out of your shopping. Buying something when you know you it’s gonna take some more expenses/effort to really incorporate it into your wardrobe not only wastes your time and money, it also makes you miss out on much better choices. Go for stuff that makes you fashionable as soon as possible, not “next month when I can afford that dress I will pair it with these shoes.” Because shopping is one such commitment where its completely okay to be fickle.

Even if you gotta come back empty handed… Don’t be sad. Only the best deserves a place in your wardrobe. 🙂 Happy Shopping!


2 Responses to “Get The Most Out of Your Shopping Spree”

  1. Iva March 2, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    How well said. I have bought so many clothes recently and yet catch myself wearing the old stuff time and again.

    • Oorja March 3, 2013 at 9:11 am #

      Thank you Iva … Looks like you will have to buy some more new clothes now 😀

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