Stay Away From These

17 Oct

Just like plus sized women evade skin tight clothing that makes them look more flab than fab, there are some fashion fads that just don’t work for petite frames. To a lot of my plus sized friends, being thin is a world where there exists no outfit that does not suit you. If only that were true. Unfortunately, this is a completely wrong notion. Flattering outfits are all about enhancing what you’ve got and taking attention away from what you don’t. Here are some looks which I think petite women should stay away from… OUT OF SHAPE CLOTHING I went through a phase when I would dig Batwing tops and loose, asymmetrical stuff like that. Possessing an old habit of standing on my toes whenever I check myself out in the mirror, I always had a taller, leaner image of myself in my mind than the real thing. One day, I happened to treat myself to a batwing crochet poncho from Vero Moda, only to realize a bit too late that it looked like I threw over a tablecloth. Sigh! Blame in-store lighting for deceiving the best of us! It was a rather disheartening feeling. This one was the last piece in stock, and my generous heart yearned to give it a home (or a wardrobe). That’s why they warn you against impulse buys. Oversized, asymmetrical and baggy tops like the one in the picture drown petite figures and look unflattering on small frames. However, plus size petite women can carry this off pretty well if the sleeves aren’t too roomy. Opt for well fitted, structured looks such as belted kaftans that flaunt your proportions instead of hiding them. The point is to have clothing that skims your body and does not form extra billowy volumes of fabric around it.

Roomy, out of shape tops like these drown petite figures and look rather unflattering

BROAD BELTS I was a big fan of the broad belted look when it just arrived on the fashion scene, but soon discovered that it doesn’t suit me at all. Broad belts when wore at the natural waist on petite frames break a figure into two and often turn out to be broader than even the curve of the waist. They break the vertical illusion that adds to your height in the eyes of another person, thus you sort of end up looking like two small chunks instead. Go for thin belts, they suit petite figures especially when they are the same colour as your top. Monochrome gives an overall longer and leaner effect to your body. So if you would like to opt for belts, try thin belts in colours that imitate or complement the colour of your outfit.

The huge belt with its even huger buckle looks unsightly on the slender, small busted wearer and makes her figure look rather odd

EXTREMELY WIDE LEGGED TROUSERS Extremely wide legged trousers look good on long legged tall women, but they tend to swallow up petite figures and make them look bulky. A flattering option for petite women would be high-waist palazzos that have a well-tailored fit. Anything high-waist elongates your legs and makes you look leaner, taller. So far, I think AND has the best palazzos in town because they’re well-cut, they fall beautifully, and they fit and flare in just the right places. Plus, the patterns are to die for. They’re also available in solid colours, I especially dig the electric blue. Trousers that are only slightly flared below the knee and have an overall slim fit as compared to really wide, roomy  palazzos look really good on petite frames when paired with heels of similar colour. When it comes to palazzos and wide legs, its all about the right amount of flare.   BROAD HORIZONTAL STRIPES Big, Fat Horizontal stripes makes the eyes of the beholder go from side to side which doesn’t help in elongating a figure. They have an astonishing way of highlighting fat that you never even knew existed 😛  However, skinny stripes look pretty cool. I dig  nautical stripes, and a good place to find some basic tees would be Zara. They have lovely fitting, long-lasting quality and are highly versatile as style pieces. One can also note that petite women can create a much better illusion of height with vertical stripes or details such as ruffled blouses which also make your upper body look fuller. Plus, there’s something super edgy about vertical stripes.

LONG TOPS Long tops make your legs look shorter, whether you are skinny or plus sized. Even more so when you are plus sized, in fact. These can drastically appear to reduce your height and the most common mistake I see women and girls make is pairing long tees with jeans. If you really like long tops, pair them with tights or lace stockings or skinny jeggings, as long as you’re not very heavy around your thighs. Because skin tight leggings on heavy legs can look very vulgar as tights have a nasty habit of being so much like second skin that people can see your cellulite. Regular denims that are loose around the knee and ankle look pretty awful with long tops. If you are plus sized petite and have big thighs, I would suggest you to ditch long tops altogether and go for A-Line or Anarkali patterns when you are buying traditional wear.


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